NBA Playoffs

With the playoffs starting on Saturday, i decided to make my post today about them. The Cleveland Cavaliers ended the season with the best record in the NBA going 61-21 with the second best record being their rivals in the Eastern Conference, the Orlando Magic who were only two games behind at the end of the season going 59-23 on the season. The Eastern Conference is packed with teams who have been powerhouses over the last few years such as the cavs, magic, celtics, and the hawks.

The Western Conference is a little bit more complicated than the Eastern because they have the usual powerhouses but teams such as the title defending Los Angeles Lakers have been shaky as of late. The Western Conference also has some new faces in the playoffs this year such as the Oklahoma City Thunder, led by this years scoring leader Kevin Durant,and the Portland Trailblazers who recently suffered a loss to their main star Brandon Roy.

The Cavaliers are highly favored to make it to the Eastern Conference Championship where they will likely have to play the Orlando magic who knocked the Cavs out of the playoffs las

t year. But this years front runner for MVP, Lebron James, said that since they got knocked out by the Magic

a year ago, he and the rest of the Cavaliers have been looking for revenge. But the second place favorite MVP candidate, Dwight Howard is looking to repeat this year in the Conference finals. Both teams have different starters on the floor then they did last year so this years match-up is hard to compare to last years series. Both i feel that whoever wins this series will take the NBA championship.

But this year i think is the year that the Cavaliers will finally get a ring for the king.

Lebron James and company look to get revenge from last years upset in the Eastern Conference Finals

And as promised with every post a picture of the ugliest man to ever put on a pair of jorts

University of Florida's Pride and Joy


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  1. Basketball is way too confusing to me but I’m glad you know what you’re talking about!
    I like the little captions that you put under your pictures, they really help to show what’s going on in your posts and the pictures at the end always make me laugh!

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