New Details on Olympic Luger’s Death

As I’m sure most of us out there know about Nodar Kumaritashvili, an Olympic Luger from the small country of Georgia, who’s practice run before the first day of the Vancouver Olympics ended in a fatal crash. For those of you who dont know Nodar’s sled went out of control and ended up throwing him up over the lip of the course where he hit a steal post causing a fatal blow to his skull.

But what no one knew until now was how he crashed and who is to blame for  the Georgian to even be able to come up out of the track and hit a pole. Well according to International Luge Federation, its not their fault. The Federation claims that a series of interrelated events during the luger’s run led to his crash. Reports say that the Luger had committed some driving errors starting back at turn 15 and had led to more problems throughout the run.

Nodar’s father, David Kumaritashvili, said that pilot error should not be held responsible for a luge a death. Now i dont know about every crash but i certainly think that pilot error should not be the cause of death in this scenario.

Nodar Kumaritashvili crashed during a practice run before the opening day of the Olympics

When i look at this pictures to things come into my mind immediately. Why is the lip on the side so low? I can easily see this happening multiple times with it being so low, someone can easily be thrown over that if the sled loses control. And the second thing that really bugs me is; Why is there a metal pole so close to the track? This has to be one of the dumbest things i have seen in my life when it comes to common sense. Why would you put a pole next to the track when someone can easily be thrown out?

The Federation, known as FIL, says that the bowing of the sled that had occurred in the crash had never been seen before in a luge sled, and they said under that situation no luger would ever have control of the sled. The Federation also said that under normal circumstances the wall was correctly calculated to stop an athlete from being thrown off of the track. But i feel like they should be prepared for the worst and just have more common sense, if the athlete can stand up and be taller the the lip next to him then its probably not high enough. No matter what the FIL claims i still side with David Kumaritashvili and feel that they messed up bad and they are simply trying to cover up their mistake.

But on a lighter note, as promised….

This speaks 1000 of the most correct words possible


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  1. This was a pretty horrible thing to happen and a lot of people were angry because they aired the actual crash on the news. I agree with what you had to say, they should always account for bad situations and make the wall at least a little taller than calculated. I also like how you ad your own opinions after you give the details.

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