NBA Playoffs Update

With two games completed in most of the first round match-ups, we are seeing many of the power house teams that are keeping home court advantage by winning the first two games at home, of a seven games series. But there are a couple match-ups such as Denver vs. Utah, and Portland vs. Phoenix, with each team winning a game a piece. Then there are the match-ups in which the second game has yet to be played.

Cleveland Cavaliers vs. Chicago Bulls: The Cavs took the first two games in Cleveland and won in two different styles. The first game Cleveland won in their traditional style by building up a big lead in the first half then slowly letting it dissolve. But Mondays win for the Cavs was  alot more stressful. The Bulls played the Cavaliers closely all game up until about midway through the fourth quarter when LeBron James and Jamario Moon, coming off the bench,  took over the game and gave the Cavs a big enough lead to close out the game. But Thursdays game in Chicago should have a completely different feel to it as the Bulls return home to try to avoid going down 3-0 in a first to 4 series.

Los Angeles Lakers vs. Oklahoma City Thunder: Kobe Bryant and the Lakers made the first game look easy winning by a comfortable margin. But just like the second game in the Cavs vs. Bulls series, the second game was a much closer one. This series is almost an exact reflection of the 1-8 seed match-up in the Eastern Division between the Cavs and Bulls with the Lakers up  2-0 heading to Oklahoma City for game three.

Milwaukee Bucks vs. Atlanta Hawks: This match-up has the most potential for a team to make a clean sweep in the first round of the playoffs with the Hawks beating the Bucks comfortably in both of the first two games. Joe Johnson has led the way for the Hawks who look to win quick so they can rest up for round two of the playoffs but before that they have to go to Milwaukee and win the next 2 games.

Boston Celtics vs. Miami Heat: If the Hawks have the most potential to sweep a team in the first round of the playoffs then the Celtics are close behind. The Celtics beat the Heat in game 1 by only 9 points while managing to lose Kevin Garnett for game 2 after he got thrown out of the game for throwing an elbow during a dispute towards the end of the game on saturday. But in game 2, even with Garnett gone, the Celtics beat the heat, bad. The Celtics held the Heat to almost the same amount of points, only giving up 1 more, and scored 20 more points then they had in game 1. But they have to go down to Miami to play game 3 where the Heat might get alot of needed help by the fans.

Garnett was ejected and could not play in game 2 against the Miami Heat after throwing an elbow after Paul Pierce had gotten hurt Saturday afternoon

Utah Jazz vs. Denver Nuggets: The first game of the series was won easily by the Nuggets led by Carmelo Anthony who dropped 42 points in the game. But game 2 was a much different game. A severely injured Utah Jazz team took the second game winning by 3 with a score of 114-111 led by Deron Williams. With Utah returning home for games 3 and 4 the Nuggets could be down 3-1 in the series before they return to Denver for game 5.

Portland Trail Blazers vs. Phoenix Suns: The Trail Blazers took the first game from the Suns at Phoenix on Sunday winning a high scoring contest 105-100. Sour off the initial home and playoff loss, the Suns responded by beating the Trail Blazers by almost 30 points in game 2. Portland returns home for game three to prove that game one wasn’t just a fluke.

Orlando Magic vs. Charlotte Bobcats/ Dallas Mavericks vs. San Antonio Spurs: These games have the same outlook as both of the favored, home teams won their first games and with game 2 tonight for both match-ups the Mavericks and the Magic look to make themselves 2-0 in their respective series.

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