Draft Day: Round 1

Yesterday was the opening day of the 2010 NFL Draft. Sam Bradford was picked number 1 as expected with the rest of the top 5 going in order as they were picked in the mock draft. No real surprises came until the number 25 pick when Denver decided to go with a quarterback, and they decided to pass on Jimmy Clausen, Colt McCoy, and decided to go with nationally praised Tim Tebow. ESPN Scouts Inc. has this to say about Denver’s number 25 pick:

“This is a stretch. Tebow is a long way from developing into a functional NFL quarterback, and he might never become that. We have concerns about his footwork and elongated delivery, and his struggles at the Senior Bowl only magnified those issues. He has re-worked his delivery, but has only had a few weeks to make those changes. However, he brings intangibles that set him apart from almost any other player in this draft, and if he doesn’t work out as a quarterback he showed at the combine that he has enough athleticism, determination and toughness to become an H-back and work as a signal-caller in short-yardage and Wildcat situations. Still, this was a surprising pick.”

So all in all, this could end up being the worst pick in the 2010 NFL Draft which would make me as an avid gator hater very pleased. But with many more rounds and picks to be made, there are still multiple chances for teams to pick major busts.

Timmy's reaction to getting drafted in the first round.


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  1. First, your website is laid out very well and looks very good! In the response to Tebow being picked, they mention that he could play as an H back or a signal caller, I have no idea what those are. So, maybe for the people who don’t know football, like me, you could explain those a little.

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