Rays start out hot

With almost a month of baseball in the books, the best team in Major League Baseball is the Tampa Bay Rays. The Rays have started the season with league best record of 15 wins and a mere 5 losses. One key reason to their success is the fact that they have almost scored twice as many runs as they have given up.Part of the reason for this, is how remarkable the rays bullpen has been this season. 8 Rays pitchers have an ERA under a 3.00 and another 3 pitchers have their ERA under for 4.00.

But its not just the Rays pitching that is bringing them all their success, the pitchers are getting alot, and i mean alot of run support from the rest of the team. The Rays are averaging a .264 batting average with a .344 on base percentage while opponents are only averaging a .231 batting average and only a .301 on base percentage.

The Rays look to reach the world series in 2010

The Rays are not just wining at home either. The team is actually doing better on the road posting a 9-1 road record, and they in fact are doing worse at home only going  6-4. One thing that cant be put into any stat is the fact that no matter what inning it is, the Rays never give up. They have multiple comebacks wins already this season and are 2-0 when going into extra innings.

The Rays are looking to make up for a disappointing season last year after making it to the world series in 2008. The Rays are looking to close out a 9 game road trip before they come home for a 9 game homestand.


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