Rays start out hot

With almost a month of baseball in the books, the best team in Major League Baseball is the Tampa Bay Rays. The Rays have started the season with league best record of 15 wins and a mere 5 losses. One key reason to their success is the fact that they have almost scored twice as many runs as they have given up.Part of the reason for this, is how remarkable the rays bullpen has been this season. 8 Rays pitchers have an ERA under a 3.00 and another 3 pitchers have their ERA under for 4.00.

But its not just the Rays pitching that is bringing them all their success, the pitchers are getting alot, and i mean alot of run support from the rest of the team. The Rays are averaging a .264 batting average with a .344 on base percentage while opponents are only averaging a .231 batting average and only a .301 on base percentage.

The Rays look to reach the world series in 2010

The Rays are not just wining at home either. The team is actually doing better on the road posting a 9-1 road record, and they in fact are doing worse at home only going  6-4. One thing that cant be put into any stat is the fact that no matter what inning it is, the Rays never give up. They have multiple comebacks wins already this season and are 2-0 when going into extra innings.

The Rays are looking to make up for a disappointing season last year after making it to the world series in 2008. The Rays are looking to close out a 9 game road trip before they come home for a 9 game homestand.

Draft Day: Round 1

Yesterday was the opening day of the 2010 NFL Draft. Sam Bradford was picked number 1 as expected with the rest of the top 5 going in order as they were picked in the mock draft. No real surprises came until the number 25 pick when Denver decided to go with a quarterback, and they decided to pass on Jimmy Clausen, Colt McCoy, and decided to go with nationally praised Tim Tebow. ESPN Scouts Inc. has this to say about Denver’s number 25 pick:

“This is a stretch. Tebow is a long way from developing into a functional NFL quarterback, and he might never become that. We have concerns about his footwork and elongated delivery, and his struggles at the Senior Bowl only magnified those issues. He has re-worked his delivery, but has only had a few weeks to make those changes. However, he brings intangibles that set him apart from almost any other player in this draft, and if he doesn’t work out as a quarterback he showed at the combine that he has enough athleticism, determination and toughness to become an H-back and work as a signal-caller in short-yardage and Wildcat situations. Still, this was a surprising pick.”

So all in all, this could end up being the worst pick in the 2010 NFL Draft which would make me as an avid gator hater very pleased. But with many more rounds and picks to be made, there are still multiple chances for teams to pick major busts.

Timmy's reaction to getting drafted in the first round.

NBA Playoffs Update

With two games completed in most of the first round match-ups, we are seeing many of the power house teams that are keeping home court advantage by winning the first two games at home, of a seven games series. But there are a couple match-ups such as Denver vs. Utah, and Portland vs. Phoenix, with each team winning a game a piece. Then there are the match-ups in which the second game has yet to be played.

Cleveland Cavaliers vs. Chicago Bulls: The Cavs took the first two games in Cleveland and won in two different styles. The first game Cleveland won in their traditional style by building up a big lead in the first half then slowly letting it dissolve. But Mondays win for the Cavs was  alot more stressful. The Bulls played the Cavaliers closely all game up until about midway through the fourth quarter when LeBron James and Jamario Moon, coming off the bench,  took over the game and gave the Cavs a big enough lead to close out the game. But Thursdays game in Chicago should have a completely different feel to it as the Bulls return home to try to avoid going down 3-0 in a first to 4 series.

Los Angeles Lakers vs. Oklahoma City Thunder: Kobe Bryant and the Lakers made the first game look easy winning by a comfortable margin. But just like the second game in the Cavs vs. Bulls series, the second game was a much closer one. This series is almost an exact reflection of the 1-8 seed match-up in the Eastern Division between the Cavs and Bulls with the Lakers up  2-0 heading to Oklahoma City for game three.

Milwaukee Bucks vs. Atlanta Hawks: This match-up has the most potential for a team to make a clean sweep in the first round of the playoffs with the Hawks beating the Bucks comfortably in both of the first two games. Joe Johnson has led the way for the Hawks who look to win quick so they can rest up for round two of the playoffs but before that they have to go to Milwaukee and win the next 2 games.

Boston Celtics vs. Miami Heat: If the Hawks have the most potential to sweep a team in the first round of the playoffs then the Celtics are close behind. The Celtics beat the Heat in game 1 by only 9 points while managing to lose Kevin Garnett for game 2 after he got thrown out of the game for throwing an elbow during a dispute towards the end of the game on saturday. But in game 2, even with Garnett gone, the Celtics beat the heat, bad. The Celtics held the Heat to almost the same amount of points, only giving up 1 more, and scored 20 more points then they had in game 1. But they have to go down to Miami to play game 3 where the Heat might get alot of needed help by the fans.

Garnett was ejected and could not play in game 2 against the Miami Heat after throwing an elbow after Paul Pierce had gotten hurt Saturday afternoon

Utah Jazz vs. Denver Nuggets: The first game of the series was won easily by the Nuggets led by Carmelo Anthony who dropped 42 points in the game. But game 2 was a much different game. A severely injured Utah Jazz team took the second game winning by 3 with a score of 114-111 led by Deron Williams. With Utah returning home for games 3 and 4 the Nuggets could be down 3-1 in the series before they return to Denver for game 5.

Portland Trail Blazers vs. Phoenix Suns: The Trail Blazers took the first game from the Suns at Phoenix on Sunday winning a high scoring contest 105-100. Sour off the initial home and playoff loss, the Suns responded by beating the Trail Blazers by almost 30 points in game 2. Portland returns home for game three to prove that game one wasn’t just a fluke.

Orlando Magic vs. Charlotte Bobcats/ Dallas Mavericks vs. San Antonio Spurs: These games have the same outlook as both of the favored, home teams won their first games and with game 2 tonight for both match-ups the Mavericks and the Magic look to make themselves 2-0 in their respective series.

New Details on Olympic Luger’s Death

As I’m sure most of us out there know about Nodar Kumaritashvili, an Olympic Luger from the small country of Georgia, who’s practice run before the first day of the Vancouver Olympics ended in a fatal crash. For those of you who dont know Nodar’s sled went out of control and ended up throwing him up over the lip of the course where he hit a steal post causing a fatal blow to his skull.

But what no one knew until now was how he crashed and who is to blame for  the Georgian to even be able to come up out of the track and hit a pole. Well according to International Luge Federation, its not their fault. The Federation claims that a series of interrelated events during the luger’s run led to his crash. Reports say that the Luger had committed some driving errors starting back at turn 15 and had led to more problems throughout the run.

Nodar’s father, David Kumaritashvili, said that pilot error should not be held responsible for a luge a death. Now i dont know about every crash but i certainly think that pilot error should not be the cause of death in this scenario.

Nodar Kumaritashvili crashed during a practice run before the opening day of the Olympics

When i look at this pictures to things come into my mind immediately. Why is the lip on the side so low? I can easily see this happening multiple times with it being so low, someone can easily be thrown over that if the sled loses control. And the second thing that really bugs me is; Why is there a metal pole so close to the track? This has to be one of the dumbest things i have seen in my life when it comes to common sense. Why would you put a pole next to the track when someone can easily be thrown out?

The Federation, known as FIL, says that the bowing of the sled that had occurred in the crash had never been seen before in a luge sled, and they said under that situation no luger would ever have control of the sled. The Federation also said that under normal circumstances the wall was correctly calculated to stop an athlete from being thrown off of the track. But i feel like they should be prepared for the worst and just have more common sense, if the athlete can stand up and be taller the the lip next to him then its probably not high enough. No matter what the FIL claims i still side with David Kumaritashvili and feel that they messed up bad and they are simply trying to cover up their mistake.

But on a lighter note, as promised….

This speaks 1000 of the most correct words possible

A little playoff preview

NBA Playoffs

With the playoffs starting on Saturday, i decided to make my post today about them. The Cleveland Cavaliers ended the season with the best record in the NBA going 61-21 with the second best record being their rivals in the Eastern Conference, the Orlando Magic who were only two games behind at the end of the season going 59-23 on the season. The Eastern Conference is packed with teams who have been powerhouses over the last few years such as the cavs, magic, celtics, and the hawks.

The Western Conference is a little bit more complicated than the Eastern because they have the usual powerhouses but teams such as the title defending Los Angeles Lakers have been shaky as of late. The Western Conference also has some new faces in the playoffs this year such as the Oklahoma City Thunder, led by this years scoring leader Kevin Durant,and the Portland Trailblazers who recently suffered a loss to their main star Brandon Roy.

The Cavaliers are highly favored to make it to the Eastern Conference Championship where they will likely have to play the Orlando magic who knocked the Cavs out of the playoffs las

t year. But this years front runner for MVP, Lebron James, said that since they got knocked out by the Magic

a year ago, he and the rest of the Cavaliers have been looking for revenge. But the second place favorite MVP candidate, Dwight Howard is looking to repeat this year in the Conference finals. Both teams have different starters on the floor then they did last year so this years match-up is hard to compare to last years series. Both i feel that whoever wins this series will take the NBA championship.

But this year i think is the year that the Cavaliers will finally get a ring for the king.

Lebron James and company look to get revenge from last years upset in the Eastern Conference Finals

And as promised with every post a picture of the ugliest man to ever put on a pair of jorts

University of Florida's Pride and Joy

So Today…

So today I worked more on the actual blog getting it up and running and ive been trying to make it more appealing to give you more to do. I put some twitter accounts on the right side of the page of just a few athletes from the major sports. (If you want some one just go ahead and let me know and ill put him or her on there). Also I put an RSS feed to ESPN so its all a one stop shop for your sports info. But this should be my last post about the actual blog and hopefully i can start to blog about the day in sports.  Ill be trying to stay on top of it everyday but this whole blogging thing takes a lot of work , but ill try my best. But I think i am going to start a tradition of putting a picture that some how makes fun of the gators, everytime i add a new post. So as promised

" I cant believe Urban just yelled at me!"